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Palm Beach County Safety Surfacing is in charge of all playground surface installations. Anything from construction to demolition and even relocation will be handled by our playground surface installers. Among our playground options are poured-in-place rubber, pre-formed bricks, rubber mulch, and artificial turf. With decades of experience in playground surface installation, architecture, layout, and planning, we are industry leaders. We have a lot of experience with playground safety surfacing, as well as site design, playground sales, and project management. Our evaluations, planning, and function are frequently carried out by our professional workers and qualified subcontractors.

Palm Beach County Safety Surfacing-Services

In addition to the PIP (poured-in-place) product line, rubber mulch and synthetic turfs are also available. The material you use determines the price of the surfacing substance. Each of our goods is long-lasting, most clients would find the price per time unit to be advantageous. Since the products are smooth, multiple trips and falls are avoided. We serve all 50 states and make it a point to make our customers happy after the job is completed.

We Are Your One-Stop Partner

Starting with the design, we will assist you with every phase of the project. When constructing a play surface, there are several factors to consider. Just a few of the most important factors to consider are height, shape, function, and architectural features. Designers must also be aware of the administrative requirements of the local legislative authorities. The engineering team has years of experience and is trained in the most cutting-edge methods, and we combine these skills with the best products available. We are sincerely committed to our customers, and we hope to have the opportunity to show you this.

We Are Designers At Heart

Our design services provide a wide range of products, as seen below. Each of these items is made to perform a specific purpose. They’re all eye-catching and last a long time. The pour-in-place method’s smooth, dependable, and long-lasting surface is crucial. Rubber mulch is available in a variety of colors, giving each play area an organic and natural appearance. It’s possible that your installation would be color-matched to current or planned equipment. Synthetic turf is suitable for areas with a lot of foot traffic, such as playgrounds.

We provide maintenance services as well as building and high-quality products to ensure that your playground is in good working order. We provide play area inspections, safety assistance, and other maintenance services for both outdoor and indoor play areas throughout the United States. Existing play areas will be inspected to ensure that the surfaces are compliant and stable. Our research services are accurate and trustworthy.

Surfacing for All Playground Projects

Playground safety surfacing is critical for ensuring that everyone has a safe and enjoyable place to play. Safety surfacing is available in a wide range of textures and designs to suit any application or budget. Due to their superior durability and reliability, rubber mulch and poured-in-place surfacing are two of our most popular choices. Synthetic turf is a great choice if you want a more natural look. Our playground experts will happily go over the various surfacing options with you to assist you in selecting the best material for your project.

Palm Beach County Safety Surfacing-Bonded Rubber

A surface that is an alternative to traditional poured rubber surfaces is bonded rubber. It has the same one-piece, easy-to-open surface as poured rubber, but with larger pieces. It is poured in a single-layer scheme on-site to give the outdoor facility a natural appearance. It has a porous structure, which allows it to drain well and dry quickly. Bonded Rubber comes in a variety of natural colors, as well as solid colors and color variations. Rubber particles cannot be used to create inlaid graphic designs. It's commonly used on trails and in landscaping programs. Certain colors resemble wood fiber or natural materials, but since the materials are fused, they do not need the same level of upkeep. It cannot be pushed outside of the play area or blown by powerful winds.

Palm Beach County Safety Surfacing-Rubber Tiles

Palm Beach County Safety Surfacing's recycled rubber playground tile is designed to have an impact-absorbing foundation. Pavement, asphalt, or a compacted granular foundation may all be used to lay tiles. The porous form of the tiles allows water to flow through and around them. The tiles are ideal for building a safe deck, patio, or roof terrace, and they can also be used as a sound and vibration dampener.

Palm Beach County Safety Surfacing-Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass has the look and feels of natural grass, with the added benefit of low maintenance and a world-class texture. Broward Safety County Surfacing's synthetic grass looks fantastic in a park or other green space. Furthermore, this product resists attrition from foot traffic, therefore your grass will appear to be well-kept. It allows water to flow freely, allowing the playground to be used immediately after heavy rain. It is extremely durable, so you can rely on it to last a long time.

Palm Beach County Safety Surfacing-Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf will give your playground a more natural look. It has a natural grass appearance while also providing additional fall cover. The ASTM-approved, low-maintenance alternative to grass produces a visually pleasing park.

Palm Beach County Safety Surfacing-Bonded Rubber Mulch

Running, jumping, and, on rare occasions, sliding are all part of playground fun. The playground's addition of rubber mulch makes a fall painful rather than injurious. The advantages of loose-fill rubber surfacing include low cost, resistance to rot and decay, and a wide range of colors.

Palm Beach County Safety Surfacing-EPDM Rubber

EPDM Rubber Surfacing, a long-lasting rubber surface comprised of 2 layers poured in place (PIP). The 1st layer is referred to as the "Wear Layer," it is made of EPDM rubber granules. Furthermore, the "Cushion Sheet," which is made of recycled tires or crumb rubber, is the second layer.

A polyurethane binder is added to the raw rubber granules (PU binder). EPDM rubber granules are mixed and poured on-site. You can make the perfect surface with colorful EPDM rubber surfaces, which are easy to assemble, relatively inexpensive as compared to alternative athletics surfacing, and will last you a lifetime. If the surface is correctly glued with a high-quality PU binder, children would not be able to break it.