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Safety Surfacing Services

Throughout your neighborhood, our company has constructed thousands of playground and play area safety surfacing systems. Custom logos and patterns can be conveniently embedded in your playground with a wide range of color options. To better protect children as they play, just use items with sufficient impact attenuation or shock absorption.

Combining surfacing textures in a single playset is an excellent way to differentiate play areas, bring visual appeal, and have distinct tactile sensations. This company services all cities throughout Royal Palm Beach and all surrounding towns and cities. Please contact us if you would like a free site tour.

Royal Palm Beach FL-Palm Beach County Safety Surfacing


Poured-In-Place playground surfaces, unlike rubber playground safety tiles, are seamless. The poured-in-place rubber may also be used on angular surfaces such as pool coping or stair fronts. To ensure protection, efficiency, and customer loyalty, we only use the best goods on the market. Our entire product line is IPEMA accredited and follows ASTM standards.

Bonded Rubber

– of our floor choices has advantages, which can vary depending on the uses of the facility. It comes in a variety of colors that can be mixed to produce a variety of patterns, styles, and even business logos. This substance is made up of larger rubber fragments (2-3 inches) that have been combined with a urethane binder.

Rubber Tiles

Since playground tiles are porous, water can quickly reach the floor, ensuring a dry playing surface even after heavy rain. Some people refer to these as “pour in spot rubber mats.” Rubber flooring tiles may offer significant padding to the current surfaces of your commercial gym or residential exercise room.

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